You are the hero in your story and if you don’t like the script – change it NOW

Change is fundamental, it happens all the time. You can not not change. It’s a universal law. 
What you can change is the direction you are taking, your focus and how you perceive and feel. 
Yes this is in your control. Work with me and I help you to get into the driving seat of your psychological car again and take charge of your lifes journey with a good breeze of humour and joy.

Do you remember how it felt like when you couldn’t wait for the new day to begin? You felt full of excitement to learn, play, explore and create? You were fully immersed in your experience, in the flow and time just seemed to vanish?  
This is what being yourself really feels like. It doesn’t mean we become a child again but we need to reclaim the power of our imagination and declutter ourself from blocks, limiting beliefs and frozen emotions.

It is time for some action.


Our Emotions are like signposts, they inform us that we are not meeting our needs and that old strategies and behaviours that once saved our soul are now in the way and need an update. 
Same behaviours lead to same outcomes and I invite you to play with that.

Enjoying ourselves is an action , something that we actively do. 

Have more fun and grow into the person you were truly meant to become, playfully and with ease?

Believe me you are much more then you think you are. And YES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and live a joyful life full of play and laughter . Get into the flow, express all of you, find pleasure and satisfaction along with feeling confident in whatever you want to be or achieve. 
Let´s be unstoppable. 


Don’t settle for the small life and learn how to play the game of life really well and I promise you will never feel depressed and miserable again.

The opposite of play is not work, it is depression.

Brian Sutton-Smith

Cultivate a more playful approach into your life and discover who you truly are meant to become.

I believe I can offer an unusually comprehensive range of therapeutic and coaching approaches to suit all manner of challenges and every individual client.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun

Mary Lou Cook
A snippet from my performing times

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