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We live in interesting times, aren’t we?
What do you experience right now?
Many of us will feel very fearful if not terrified. Stuck in their homes, feeling trapped. The unknown is lurking around the corner like a dark monster from a bad movie. How does it make you feel? Frightened?This is anything else than good for your immune system, in fact we really need to feel calm, peaceful, confident and creative so that we will be able to adapt and act and this is easily said. When we are in a state of fight , flight, freeze our prefrontal cortex shuts down and we lose our ability to problem solve and be creative. Instead we are frozen. That’s just how the brain works. Everyone will respond differently at the moment. Some may feel crippled others will thrive, depending on how much trauma you have suffered and how many unprocessed memories you have stored in your body. But we are also resilient beings and nothing is hardwired.
Let’s take this as a possibility to grow and change into the direction we want to. Staying curious, open and discovering a new reality. We all don’t know what we don’t know and maybe what you believed to be true isn’t. Your world might be shaking, you are walking over a cliff edge but you might never hit the bottom. Maybe even that was just a belief. I can understand if  you don’t want to afford a life coach and therapist right now but do yourself a favour and download the wingwave® app. It is free and Germanys most researched and successful coaching tool. It calms your nervous system within minutes. Just try it and play with it. The free music is enough to do the job and if you need more guidance I am happy to coach you online. Maybe you will come to another conclusion and actually realise that this would be the best investment you could take right now. I don’t know! I am here for you. Get in touch and talk to me!
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Much love to all of you and become who you were meant to be

Daniela Schlemm
Life is short: re-write the script