About us:

Daniela Schlemm & Deborah Clarke

Become who you where meant to be !

Life Therapy Coaching was born out of the passion and expertise of Deborah and Daniela; two therapists with a shared background in theatre and dance, and a love of helping people reach their full potential.

Deborah Clarke

With a background as an actor and theatre director, and in arts and education development, I have always found fulfilment in helping people find confidence, creativity and enjoyment. Eighteen years ago, I found another outlet for my passion for bringing the best out of people: coaching. Since then I have helped people from many walks of life make the most of their personal potential.

Coaching provides a supportive and neutral environment for people to examine what they want and consider the best way to achieve it. For me, coaching is an opportunity for a life-changing conversation. The simple process of asking questions and listening enables my clients to confront and explore challenges, address issues and discover the right decisions. I believe that my clients always have the all the answers they need; I just to get to them to ask the right questions. 

I love discovering new approaches and specialisms, particularly the profound mind-body therapy known as the Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System; as well as peak-performance coaching techniques. I have studied how bioenergetic personality types and our early life can inform our personality styles and life choices. I am a ‘Coach U’ graduate and continue to expand my knowledge of coaching and therapy: I love learning anything that makes me better at my job, helping me to achieve more effective and long-lasting results for my clients.

I am an accredited Pesso Boyden coach and wingwave® practitioner.   

Daniela Schlemm

I studied Psychology in Bremen, Germany, and have always had a love for play, dance and improvisation. I am fascinated by the combination of theatre and psychology to bring out what is hidden in the subconscious mind.

Performing as a professional clown and teaching groups in the art of play, I became very aware of life’s dramas and the scripts that seem to endlessly repeat themselves – which might be amusing and funny on stage, but less so in real life. Once I became aware of this, I was determined to find ways to rewrite my life’s scripts, live a more satisfying and joyful life, feel healthier, have more money, and all-in-all be the best that I can.

On this journey I discovered the powerful techniques of Voice Dialogue, wingwave® coaching and the Pesso Boyden approach, and found them completely transformative, discovering that change can be faster than you ever expected it. Now professionally trained in body-oriented transformational psychology I want to share these exciting tools.

I believe we are born to be curious and creative; to keep learning, growing and changing continuously. I love helping clients to do this, guiding them towards change in the direction they choose. Helping them to feel happier in their skin, mind and body, becoming confident, calm and in balance; experiencing flow and discovering a different kind of reality. Seeing my clients astonished by what they have achieved and how different they can feel about issues which had been causing them great anxiety is so rewarding.

Feelings are amazing and they are infectious. I wish to infect you with better and healthier beliefs about yourself: beliefs that you don’t need to ‘believe in’ because they will become your new reality!

Having combined forces as Life Therapy Coaching, we believe we can offer an unusually comprehensive range of therapeutic and coaching approaches to suit all manner of challenges and every individual client.

For face to face individual work
We see clients privately on a one-to-one basis for counselling and coaching, we work with couples, and run therapeutic groups.
You are unique and we have the tools for your individual needs.
We are fully insured and receive regular supervision.
We are in the process to become a member of the NSC and BACP and work alongside their ethical framework.
We offer CPD for people who wish learn from our workshop programme.

You can find Deborah mainly in Oxfordshire

You can find Daniela in Cornwall, Falmouth, Penryn and Penzance

Skype, zoom, facetime or phone consultations are possible

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