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Why come and see me ?

I help people with a range of personal challenges, on a flexible bespoke basis; using cutting-edge coaching and therapy techniques to reconnect people with their true selves and reach their full  potential.

Lacking in self-esteem and confidence ?

Many of us are affected by low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in  social, professional or personal life, and it can be crippling. But it can also  be addressed. Using the effective yet gentle coaching techniques we will  explore with you how you really feel about yourself, uncover negative  beliefs which are unconsciously holding you back, and replace them with  new positivity to transform your sense of self-worth and confidence to excel.

Afflicted by anxiety, phobias or depression ?

Anxiety and fears (both rational and irrational) come in many forms, and  facing up to these fears, dissolving mental blocks and teaching yourself  coping strategies can transform your state of mind. Perhaps you’re  struggling with emotional eating, a fear of flying, or terror at the idea of  public speaking. Or perhaps you struggle with a more general sense of  anxiety or even depression, limiting how you live your life. Using  scientifically-proven and astonishingly effective coaching methods we will  help you shift the stuck emotions feeding your fears, helping you to  overcome anxiety and increase resilience. 

Wingwave Performance Coaching and Presentation is a focused  technique to address the specific fear of public speaking. Learn how to give confident speeches and presentations even when caught unprepared.

In a relationship rut

Our lives are continually shaped by our relationships: some of us feel  unhappy in a relationship, while others are desperate to find the right one.  I firmly believe the secret to happy relationships with others is to first  be  happy with yourself. I can help you establish this, gaining a true  understanding of who you are and what you need. I have helped  countless clients explore their relationship patterns and enabled them to  achieve greater harmony and joy in all their relationships.

What approach will suit you best?

When we first meet you’ll be given a private consultation to get to know you and your individual needs; we’ll work out together what techniques and approach might help you and the timescales and costs of your bespoke programme. 

I see clients privately on a one-to-one basis, online or face to face; I also run

“The Joy of Life“ Weekend workshops , 5 day retreats and online courses for groups. 

You are unique, and we will tailor our tools for your individual needs.

How long will it take?

My input with you might be a short-lived intervention to address a specific problem, or it might involve a medium – or longer-term programme to work deeply with you over months to find the answers you need. 

You will be in the driving seat of your own journey. Be prepared for rapid results – My tools can provide intense and powerful transformations -but equally I always make sure that we work at the right pace for you.

What techniques and approaches do we use?

An effective short-term coaching concept combining several well-proven techniques to reduce stress and anxiety by shifting stuck emotions or unpleasant memories. Highly rated by businesspeople athletes, actors – even dentists treating dental-phobic patients, wingwave® will rapidly stabilise your emotional and mental balance, restoring your energy and inner peace, and preparing you to tackle your fears or challenging situations with confidence.

wingwave® is a scientifically-proven coaching procedure combining several fascinating psychological exercises to remove unpleasant memories or stuck emotions that are acting like a splinter in a wound or a scratch on a CD, preventing your brain and nervous system from processing properly:

Bilateral hemisphere stimulation

Everyone experiences negative emotions in daily life – stress, embarrassment, anger. Normally these emotions fade with time until they can hardly be recalled. But sometimes they don’t fade, instead getting “stuck”, with the two hemispheres of the brain unable to co-operate to process the emotions. Usually, we process stressful events while sleeping, during the REM phase when our eyes move horizontally in a natural self-healing process. Stress can impede this REM phase leading to a constant feeling of pressure and failure to process emotions. Bilateral hemisphere stimulation simulates REM sleep while the client is awake by inducing horizonal eye movement to prompt natural emotional processing and removal of the mental block – very often giving intense flashes of insight at the same time

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Imagine if we were all provided with a ‘user’s manual’ for our brain, with instructions on how to re-set or re-wire when necessary. That’s really how neuro-linguistic programming works, giving you the manual to analyse and re-programme the language of your mind to debunk misconceptions and negative associations you have regarding yourself or your behaviour. It helps you get to the root of preconceived notions – anything from a lack of social confidence to a fear of spiders – reorder your thoughts, and ‘fix’ the issue to permanently change your behaviour and habits.

Myostatic test

A simple muscle response test involving forming a ring in the shape of an ‘o’ with thumb and index finger, and applying maximum force. The consequent muscle reaction gives a good indication of stress levels and is therefore useful in gauging the effectiveness of the wingwave® process. 

wingwave® takes its name from the wing beat of a butterfly, which according to chaos theory, whilst being a tiny movement has the power to change the world if the beat occurs at exactly the right time and place. 

It has been developed at the University of Hamburg, German Sports University Cologne and Medical University Hanover. Their studies have shown that with only two hours of wingwave® coaching a candidate with a fear of public speaking can become a confident presenter who takes pleasure in performing.

In 2014, wingwave® was a finalist in the Association for Business Psychology`s Workforce Experience Awards in the category ‘Excellence in Coaching or Training’. 

For further reading, try the practical book wingwave-Coaching: Like the beat of a butterfly’s wing – EMDR in coaching (2015 edition, UK) by Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, or visit the website

wingwave®online coaching & NeuroResources®

In online coaching I will use a different approach as at the moment I can’t muscletest you. I did a special training for coaching online using the wingwave music and your innate NeuroResources® to make sure to get you where you want to be .

Hands holding Brain

Learn how to use your inherent Neuro Resources . Our coaching will leave a lasting impact on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. There are many new scientifically proven tips and tricks to get in charge of your autonomous nervous system helping to be more resilient and to feel well .

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